Applications for precise cancer cell detection


Just about every conceivable area of cancer research, development and diagnosis benefits from capturing the cancer cells that spread the disease. With iCellate®’s instrument more comprehensive analyses are possible, to gain sufficient knowledge of the fundamental biology of cancer to base a rational therapy on.


Following scientific progress, there are a number of areas where analyzing the blood for CTCs may ultimately have a large clinical impact:

  • Screening subjectively healthy, asymptomatic, patients for early detection for the occurrence of CTCs, and so potentially of cancer
  • As a prognostic tool
  • Support best treatment choices on an individualized basis
  • Monitor the expected post-treatment reduction in the number of CTC’s in response to therapy

Pharmaceutical industry

iCellate®’s instrument would also benefit the pharmaceutical industry in their clinical trials for development of novel anticancer drugs and therapies as a surrogate marker for clinical progression or as a source of diagnostically relevant cells.

the product
Icellate AB has developed a technology that can isolate cancer cells for liquid-based cytology and Circulating Tumor Cells that can support diagnosis, choice and monitoring of treatment, and drug development.